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The Bookshop

We believe independent shops are the heart of Liverpool and our bookshop is no different!

Write Blend is full to bursting with quality fiction and non fiction titles. The latest bestsellers jostle for attention with classics and modern classics. Authors you know and love are alongside new authors you may not have heard of, but soon will.


Our children's section has one of the finest selections around of books for readers of all ages. There is also comfortable seating to allow young bibliophiles to inspect their purchases and plan their next ones!

We also sell a lovely selection of bespoke cards and gifts in store!

Special Orders
We always try to keep a broad range of stock but please contact us if there is a particular book, DVD or CD you would like and we will always try and source what you want at the best prices we can.

Just contact us for a quote, we are always happy to post your book to you!

We are also always delighted to quote for order for schools and colleges, and will always try to give the best price possible.

Please contact us for more details!

Author Signings

Here at Write Blend we love to promote authors and their amazing books!

We offer two kinds of author events:

1. A full talk, Q&A signing/launch event at which we can comfortably seat around 50 people

2. A more relaxed, simple signing event, which gives authors the chance to meet and chat with their public

Contact us and ask which kind of event would suit you


Author Bella Roane's recent signing for her novel "Confide in Me"
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